Channeling Your Creativity to Write Killer Copy

As a retailer, your marketing likely centers around images – photos of your latest arrivals, customers, employees, displays, etc.

And after years of working with retail clients, I know that you’re probably more comfortable working with images than sitting down to write.

In fact, the words “copy” and “writing” probably make you cringe.

What if I told you that your creativity actually works to your advantage when it comes to writing copy for your social media, website, ads, emails, etc.

Think about it: when a potential customer visits your website or social media properties, you have about seven seconds to make a good first impression. Within those precious few seconds, that visitor is going to decide whether they leave or stay to learn more about what you have to offer. The words the potential customer reads must convey not only a message – but your brand’s voice.

And that’s where your creativity comes in.

Just as you choose products that fit with your brand, you can choose words that reflect your brand and your voice. Choose words that make your reader laugh, smile, reflect and react.

You don’t have to be a seasoned writer to create killer copy. There are just two fundamental principles related to copywriting that you should keep in mind when you’re creating posts, product descriptions, calls to action, ads, etc.

If you can get comfortable with these two principles, your ads will perform better, you’ll improve conversion on your ecommerce site and you’ll increase the number of customers that walk through your doors each day.

When your customer reads your communication, he or she needs to feel like they are interacting directly with you. Your copy can be professional, but it needs to be conversational, as well. The focus of your writing should be THE CUSTOMER.

When a potential customer reads your message, her primary concern will be, “What’s in it for me?”

Don’t leave them guessing, tell them the benefits of shopping with you.

Think about the difference in these two messages:

  • Check out these great centerpieces!
  • Looking for a fabulous, affordable centerpiece to spruce up your dining room? Look no further!

The second message focuses on the benefits to the customer, and engages them in the conversation.

If there’s one important tip you remember from this article, make it this: remember your audience.

Your copy can be professional, well-written and engaging, but if it doesn’t speak to the appropriate audience, your message is lost.

Try not to cater to the masses. Your sales will be significantly higher if you focus on a particular niche. You want your potential customer to understand that you specialize in just the products or services they need.

No matter what products or services you sell, well-written copy is key to creating relationships with potential shoppers and turning lookers into buyers!

Remember to put yourself in the shoes of the consumer. Each retailer’s customer pool is motivated differently, and truly understanding your customer will help you develop a winning angle.

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