How One Change to Your Morning Routine Can Make Your Business More Profitable

Do you ever look around and think, “What the heck was I thinking?! When I started, I had so much passion, but now all I see are tasks that need to be completed.”

When our days are jam-packed with more to do’s than we can possibly accomplish during our waking hours, it’s no wonder we get overwhelmed – and sometimes even a little burned out.

We all have those times.

No matter how much you love your customers, your employees or your business – we all have days when we are just plain over it.

They key is to not let it hinder your productivity, influence your employees’ attitudes, and most importantly – it’s crucial that it never impacts your customers.

One of the reasons many retail owners and managers feel overwhelmed is because they’re bogged down in going through the motions of operating a business. You often don’t have the luxury of an un-interrupted lunch…and by mid-afternoon, you’re probably asking yourself if you’ve even taken time to use the restroom.

It’s super important to make a conscious effort to be more productive, positive and motivated so you can actually spend less time on pesky tasks and more time doing the things you love.

Today’s tip is my absolute favorite. It’s the hardest to implement, but when I started making a conscious effort to do this every day, it changed my outlook and gave me the oomph I needed to tackle each day with a great attitude.

Beat Burn Out Tip #1:
Come in to work with a clean desk and don’t start out your morning by checking your email.

Let me guess…you’re already making a mental list of why this can’t work for you and your business.

When I mention this habit to my clients, it’s always met with some resistance.

“But some of my customers send in orders via email, I have to check my email first thing in the morning.”

“I need to check on shipping information and updates from my vendors first thing, so I know what to expect for the day.”

Before you tune me out, hear me out.

Email is a productivity killer and a creativity zapper.

It distracts us from the tasks that are really important, and we get bogged down in crafting replies and envisioning the hectic day ahead.

Don’t begin your day like that!

I totally understand that you will eventually need to check your email, but I challenge you to take one week and start off each day focusing – really focusing – on getting your creativity flowing so you can be positive and motivated throughout the day.

How can you do this?

For starters, when you wake up, don’t roll over and check your email.

Make sure those thoughts are positive.

  • Read a blog post from a thought-leader you respect
  • Listen to a podcast that helps you grow personally or professionally
  • Check out a devotional from one of your favorite authors
  • Watch an inspirational video

After you finish reading/listening/watching, write down three goals for the day. I don’t mean to-dos, I mean goals that will impact how you performs those tasks.

Something like:

  1. Be encouraging to my employees when the day gets hectic.
  2. Be flexible when something unexpected happens.
  3. Understand my customers’ needs so they leave our store feeling good.

When you start your day thinking about the bigger picture – how your attitude impacts your employees, customers and business – you’re in a better frame of mind to organize your day and complete tasks most effectively.

When I started implementing this habit, I watched this video every morning for six weeks. I go back to it frequently because it ignited a change in me.

I hope it does the same for you.

I have a couple of quotes from this video taped to my computer monitor…reminding me every day about the bigger picture for my business and for my life.

Make a commitment today to take the first step toward a better, more fulfilling, more successful life.

Your business will benefit. Write it down.

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