Pinterest Releases New Search Tool

Pinterest Releases New Search ToolPinterest releases new search tool.  This tool searches for products that you may be interested in buying. You can conduct this search with your camera’s smartphone.

Here is how this new tool works:  Sign into your Pinterest account.  Search and tap the visual search button. Point your camera at an item that may interest you.  It automatically does a visual search.  Pinterest populates the photo with objects it thinks it is recognizing, and the user can tap on any dot to get a recommendation for similar items.

In late June Pinterest held an event and announced that the new visual search tools would be rolling out over the next few months.  At that time, they also indicated that updates to visual search were just one part of the series of updates rolling out.

On that same day, they rolled out updates that included visual search tools. When a user opens up a photo on Pinterest, it will immediately detect the objects in the photo, and show similar products that they think the user will like.

These new features tap into the huge edge Pinterest has over other online commerce companies.  The largely visual experience provides more engaging experiences than text. This experience helps a company push users to convert into potential customers.

Additionally, the significant updates to visual search, Pinterest announced they would be rolling out new commerce tools that will follow users as they search the web. When they make the decision to purchase a product they will be able to buy that product on any medium they choose.

It appears that the biggest update announced will be the new “shopping cart.” When a user sees a product that they like and can purchase it on Pinterest, they will have the ability to add the item to a shopping cart. This shopping cart will be accessible on any of the user’s active accounts.  If a user sees something that they like while they are on their phone, but aren’t ready to buy it at that time, they can purchase it later when they are online on their tablet.  In the past purchases could only be made from the web.  This moves the purchasing experience beyond simply its applications.

Brands may also get a new potential touch point for consumers: branded pages. If a user is searching for a specific outfit, they can jump over to the retailer’s site, where they can see similar outfits.

These commerce tools are essential for Pinterest because it has access to all the points of a consumer’s buying experience. A majority of Pinterest’s content is business content.  Therefore, creating a seamless purchasing experience essential for the service.

It is only a start-up like Pinterest that can casually roll out new, significant updates to a visual search engine and buying experience. Pinterest can do this roll out with ease because these tools do not exist on other commerce networks.  Pinterest is not just a large social network with more than 400 million active monthly users; it’s a commerce experience that helps users find items they want to purchase. That purchase may be from a curated shop, an organic search experience, or highly targeted ads using Pinterest’s evolving and growing set of advertising tools.

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